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Sylvia Naha (Hopi Tewa) (1951-1999) (daughter of Helen Naha "Featherwoman") Pot with Lizard and Geometric Designs

Price: $900.00
Silvia Naha (Hopi-Tewa) (1951-1999) Pot with Lizard and Geometric Designs

Sylvia Naha was a daughter of noted potter Helen Naha, (Featherwoman) and the granddaughter of Paqua Naha.
Paqua was the first (Frog Woman.)  

Sylvia created pieces with the white clay polished surface painted with bee-weed (black) and native clay slips. Her work is all traditionally hand coiled and fired.  Throughout the 1980's, Sylvia was considered among the most innovative of the Hopi potters.
Her pottery is signed on the bottom with a feather and an "S" for Sylvia. Sylvia has won numerous awards for her work at
Santa Fe Indian Markets, the Heard Indian Markets, among others.

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